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Our topic for the Autumn term 2019 is....

'Why Leave Earth?'

The year 5 team are very excited to launch a topic on space with the essential question of 'Why Leave Earth?'

 This topic will be looking at the history of space, the solar system, space inventions, exploration of our galaxy and the possibilities beyond Earth. We will launch our topic with science activities based on building and testing rockets - learning what makes a fair test.  We will then follow these activities up with an exciting visit from the ‘Explorer Dome’ in which the children will experience a planetarium show on space and a workshop based on rockets. Following our launch week we will be using a variety of experts to enhance the children's learning and overall experience.

 Some of the highlights will include:

  • A star gazing evening (weather dependant)
  • Filming their own information programme about the planets- using green screen technology 
  • Making programmable Moon Buggies.
  • 3D and 2D art work related to the final frontier.
  • All of this will culminate in an afternoon and evening of the children transforming our classrooms into a science museum - all about space. 

This will be an exciting topic and give each child an out of this world experience. Any resources, space equipment or expertise you wish to share please feel free to contact a member of the team.

Our Legacy Noughts and Crosses

Welcome to the Year 5 Team

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Miss M. Saville

Head of Year/Class teacher 5S

Mrs. L.Tong

Class teacher 5T

Mrs. A. Mancini

Class teacher 5M

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