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Trewirgie Junior School is a Standalone Single Academy that is proud to be a Gold Rights Respecting school. Everything we do is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Our website gives you the opportunity to  explore aspects of our school and give you a glimpse into what makes Trewirgie Junior School a really special place. 

At Trewirgie, we care for every child and aspire to act in their best interests (article 3 of the UNCRC) at all times. We strive to ensure that every child achieves their full potential and is fully prepared for the next phase of their education and beyond.  We hope our children will look back on their time at Trewirgie Juniors as a privilege: a place where they developed a love of learning, and through this, ‘made a difference, had an impact and left a legacy.'

 An example of our legacy projects


We aim to enthuse, inspire and challenge every child with an exciting, relevant and global curriculum with every child supported, in order to make real progress. We aim to ensure that each child is equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding in order to make informed choices and have an influence on their own future.  At Trewirgie we have high expectations of all of our children. We aim for the very highest standards in all areas of the curriculum, including the vital skills of reading, writing and maths, which are at the heart of children’s learning.  


At Trewirgie we care for every child and always try and go the extra mile. We believe that good relationships are fundamental  to our success. Trewirgie has a rich pastoral team including two Wellbeing Champions, who ensure that we are there for the ups and downs of children’s lives. This care permeates our whole school.


At Trewirgie our classrooms are exciting places to be. Each room is designed so that it is immersive and through this conducive to effective learning. Our legacy projects ensure that, alongside developing knowledge, skills and understanding, the children learn to use these for a real purpose. Through our legacy projects the children develop a wide range of skills such as entrepreneurial skills, communication and collaboration skills.  Fundamentally though, these projects enable the children to develop a social conscience and to exercise their right to use their voice to become active global citizens in the world.


We believe that Trewirgie is a special place to learn. Come and take a look yourself.  


Nicola Hodson, Headteacher.









"Make a difference, have an impact, leave a legacy"
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