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Our Topic for the Summer Term 2024 is....

'How has mining shaped Cornwall?


During the summer term, Year 4 will be exploring mining as a topic. The essential question this term is ‘How has mining shaped Cornwall?’ We will be digging into the past and exploring why Cornwall was a major hot spot for mining, looking specifically at Redruth and how the town has transformed though time. We will be studying the landscape of Cornwall - not only above ground, but below, looking at 3D imaging to see what it looks like under our feet!


The children will be speaking to miners from past generations, asking them a range of questions: What was life like? What foods did they eat? Were mines a safe place? Was there a divide between the rich and the poor? They will then be comparing this to mining today, discussing what modifications have been put into place. Hopefully, there will be a visit to Geevor Mine and King Edward Mine, where the children will explore the mine and try out some task miners had to undertake.


The children will be baking some ‘proper’ Cornish food, including Cornish pasties. They will be experimenting with different food combinations, learning how to create simple instructions when baking, using equipment safely and making sure they take care with hygiene.


As a legacy, the children will carry out a variety of Cornish themed workshops for parents/carers to visit and explore the rich heritage of Cornwall.  

Article 8: The right to their own identity.

Every child has the right to an identity, which includes their name, nationality and family ties. No one should take this away from them. Mining has been, and still is, a big part of Cornish history and identity. This term, Year 4 will learn about what else it means to be ‘Cornish’ and how mining has helped to shape Cornwall. They will also look at the influence Cornish miners have had on the wider world. We will consider our on individual identities and what makes us who we are.

Article 36: The right to protection from any kind of exploitation. 

Every child has the right to be kept safe from things that could harm them. Children should not do any work that is unsafe unlike in the 18th and 19th centuries, when children were employed to work in dangerous conditions in mines in Cornwall. Fortunately, this is no longer allowed in England. However, this is sadly not the case across the world where children are still exploited and made to work, for long hours and often in dangerous conditions. This exploitation must stop. Governments must protect children from economic exploitation and work that is dangerous or might harm their health, development or education. Governments must set a minimum age for children to work and ensure that work conditions are safe and appropriate. What does our government and UNICEF do to prevent this exploration in other countries? How can we help?

Home Learning 

Every three weeks the children will be introduced to a new home learning challenge. These will be shared with you on Class DoJo. Each question will have a range of suggestions as to how they can share their understanding of each. They can select any way of demonstrating their understanding.


Across the term we hope that your child is curious enough to extend and deepen their learning and understanding further. Every three weeks certificates are awarded for work that shows innovation, creativity, depth of learning or original thinking.  


Please share any of their work on Class DoJo or bring into school with them. 

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