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Our topic for the Autumn term 2019 is......

'How Does Technology Affect Us?'

This term in year 4 we will be looking back at how technologies have changed and improved over time, asking the essential question ‘How does technology affect you?’ Have our lives become easier or has the technology that has been introduced made our lives more complicated?

In the first half term we will be looking at how communication has changed - by taking a visit to Porthcurno Museum. Do we still use this form of communication today, or is it any different and if so - how? Part of STEM, we will be designing, developing and making our own Telegraph machines.

We will also be looking at a range of inventors through time, the likes of Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone and Charles Babbage, who invented the first computer. We will be creating timelines on how computers have developed over-time; children will be looking and understanding how they work. There is also an opportunity for the children to have a play with early consoles (Nintendo’s, Atari’s etc.)

The end outcome of this topic will be an open evening at school, where the children have the opportunity to show off their learning. Throughout the classrooms, the old hall and the gym you will find examples of the learning that has taken place.

Our Legacy Noughts and Crosses

Welcome to the Year 4 Team

Mr. Moore

Head of Year/Class teacher 4M 

 Mr. N. Voisey 

Class teacher  4V

Miss Noall 

Class teacher 4N

Mrs Minchin 

Class teacher 4S

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