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Our topic for the Summer Term 2021 is....

'How has Mining shaped Cornwall?'

During the summer term, Year 4 will be exploring mining as a topic. The essential question this term is ‘How has mining shaped Cornwall?’ We will be digging into the past and exploring why Cornwall was a major hot spot for mining, looking specifically at Redruth and how the town has transformed though time. We will be studying the landscape of Cornwall - not only above ground, but below, looking at 3D imaging to see what it looks like under our feet!


The children will be speaking to miners from older generations, asking them a range of questions: What was life like? What foods did they eat? Were mines a safe place? Was there a divide between the rich and the poor? They will then be comparing this to mining today, discussing what modifications have been put into place. Hopefully, there will be a visit to Poldark Mine and King Edward Mine, where the children will explore the mine and try out some task miners had to do


The children will be baking some ‘proper’ Cornish food, including Cornish Hevva cakes and pasties. They will be experimenting with different food combinations, learning how to create simple instructions when baking, using equipment safely and making sure they take care with hygiene.


The legacy of this topic is an exhibition the children will be putting together that explains and illustrates the history of mining in Cornwall, how and why Cornwall is still a major part of the United Kingdom and why it is important people don’t forget their heritage. We will also be creating a new town sign into the gateway into Redruth. This will showcase our town’s heritage and be a lasting legacy for visitors to enjoy.


To find out more about what we will be learning this term, click here for our topic leaflet. 


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