Trewirgie Junior School

Resilient Classroom

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”
― Nelson Mandela

At Trewirgie Juniors we recognise that those children with resilience will become more effective and successful learners. We have therefore developed key aspects of our practice that help to build a resilient classroom.

Below are the key aspects that our teachers and Learning Assistants do to shape our resilient classrooms

Create a secure learning environment

In each class teachers and LAs encourage children to feel safe to have a go, be comfortable to make mistakes and use these as learning experiences.

We encourage positive feedback through critique: Be kind, be specific, be helpful.
Don’t provide all the answers
We encourage our children to find answers for themselves and provide opportunities for themselves through exploration and experimentation. We also develop our children’s skills to facilitate the learning of others, rather than just giving an answer or solution. We develop a culture where everyone's opinion is valued and listened to.
Give meaningful feedback
We use critique to provide positive feedback with three clear strands: ‘Be kind, be specific, be helpful.’ Our learning focuses on learning as a journey, and this enables us to give far greater meaningful critique.
Build a learning community within your classroom
We give children a range of approaches to working together. This includes finding ways to positively support and challenge ideas and thoughts. Each classroom is part of a team and within this, with positivity at the centre of this.
Model persistence
Teachers and Learning Assistants view themselves as learners and model their approaches to learning with the children. This can be alongside and in a reflective approach too. This approach shows the children now adults deal with obstacles and challenges and their approaches to trouble shooting too.  This modelling of making mistakes ensures that children see this as a positive aspect of learning and helps them to develop their own positive and resilient approach towards their learning and development too.
Display a positive attitude
Our ethos and culture is where positivity is modelled right across the school. This can be shown in dealing with the unexpected, coming up against conflict, struggling with an aspect of learning, a friendship issue and any of the day-to-day challenges that we all face. Facing them together, with strategies and techniques enables the children, overtime, to deal with and approach challenging things more positively.
Let them practice resolving things themselves (Restorative Justice)
Key to our pioneer approach to learning is that there are multiple ways to get to the endpoint. We have developed a restorative approach to resolving conflict and finding resolution.  Once children recognise that they have the ability to resolve things, this empowerment brings greater resilience and ability to tackle things in the future.
At Trewirgie we want everyone to learn and be successful.  Our curriculum is therefore very carefully and precisely planned to enable access and success for all children. Our learning approaches and pioneer approach to learning, where children are in the driving seat, enable them to tap into their preferred learning style, and approach things in a variety of ways.
Give children the knowledge, skills and fluency of learning to innovate and pioneer

Our bespoke curriculum and pioneer approach to learning has been developed so children can make decisions and choices and innovate. Our pioneer approach to learning for each block of learning enables children to use their knowledge skills in fluency to develop something original a meaningful.








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