Trewirgie Junior School

School Letters

Here you will find letters that have been emailed out to parents recently

Summer 2022 Letters

Y3 Summer Trips Y5 Activities Week Y5 Beach Day
Year 4 Legacy Year 4 PHSE Y3 Tote Bags

Spring 2022 Letter

Y6 Gangsta Granny Y6 Harry Potter Movie

Y4 Carnyorth Camp

Y5 Porthpean Camp Y6 Isles of Scilly Camp

 School Closure

Remote Learning Y4 Truro Museum

 Y3 Trips

Covid 21st March 2022 Covid 22nd March 2022

 Y4 How has mining shaped Cornwall?


Autumn 2021  letters

Arrival and Collection from School  -  from September 2021 

Y6 Evacuees Year 3 Letter

 Parents Amended Collection Information

Year 5 Beach Clean Litter Pick Great Flat Lode

  Year 6 Tasting

Y4 Why Invade Britain? Y5 Why Leave Earth?


Other important letters  

After school provision  After School Provision Booking Milk letter paid Milk letter for free school meals applications 







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