Trewirgie Junior School

Our topic for the Summer Term 2021 is.......

'Is life fair?'


As our Year 6 reach the pinnacle of their learning career with us, we aim to focus on the mature and enlightening topic of human rights. This term the children will research their rights as a child and discover what life is like around the globe, in both rich and poor countries. They will compare and contrast living conditions, opportunities and aspirations around the globe. As part of their learning this term, the children will investigate how the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement has gained momentum, the significance of this over the last year and why the time is right for change. The children will also be learning about the figures in the history of human rights as well as learning about speeches that have contributed to our changing world.


Religion and PSHE will be central strands of this topic as we explore cultural, physical, religious and ethical beliefs and try to determine how we feel about our own evolving personality and beliefs. They will also learn about our developing bodies and how we are changing. Relationships, individuality and diversity will be key components with discussion as we prepare our young people for secondary school. In science and DT they will be designing and testing designs for homes in a new town and environmentally friendly water heating systems, for a fairer world.


Our Year 6s will write their own speeches about what is important to them and what type of world they want to grow up in . As part of our experiences with Covid 19 and the lockdown we will sculpt clay into a variety of pieces with the theme ‘Emergence.’ At the end of the term, we aim to hold a community event where we can share our sculpture, alongside a piece of community artwork that the Year 6s will create with our two local artists. This artwork will aim to highlight what we perceive as important rights and responsibilities for all children across the globe.

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Welcome to the Year 6 Team

Mrs. A. Blatchford

Year Group lead

Class teacher  6B

Mr. M. Yates

Class teacher  6Y

Mrs. Tong

Class teacher 6T 

Mr. D. Simons

Deputy Headteacher  

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