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Our topic for Summer Term 2022 is......

'How does your garden grow?'

This term Year 3 will be finding out ‘How does your garden grow?’ We will be learning about what plants need to grow well and whether minibeasts are helpers or pests. We will be using what we learn to help us grow plants and investigate what plants and minibeasts exist in different environments within our school. Central to this will be looking at the biology of plants and how insects can affect their lifecycle. We will also be looking at the geography of each eco-system and mapping what we find.


Once we have learnt about the eco-systems withing our school grounds and tested the science of growing plants, we will be using what we have learnt to help promote the biodiversity of Victoria Park and keep it a welcoming space for humans and insects alike.


Our aim is to leave a lasting legacy by creating bug hotels and flower beds that can be enjoyed by the community and help make this green space even greener. We will also be creating a haven in our school grounds that will encourage wildlife, educate others, and help our planet too. Within our school grounds we will be planting a range of flowers to attract bees, alongside information signs so the others can learn about the importance of bees too.  In our efforts to tackle climate change we be will planting some trees. These amazing species are carbon eaters and are such an important part of addressing the balance in our world. We hope that the actions we take this term will help to address the balance, educate and influence others, so that together we can hope to make a difference and have an impact on our environment, now and in the future. 


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"Make a difference, have an impact, leave a legacy"
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