Trewirgie Junior School

   Learning PIONEERs

At Trewirgie Junior School we recognise the importance of developing ourselves as learners. In order to be effective learners in Maths, English, Science, and indeed any other subject children need to develop a wider set of learning skills. At Trewirgie we have developed 6 key ‘Learning to Learn’ skills. These are perseverance, curiosity, citizenship, learning together, reflection and thinking.


Alongside this we have developed a clear '5 step' approach to learning. Each of these steps develops different aspects of learning that children need to acquire until they become fluent in their learning. This fluency then enables them to take their learning to a deeper level whereby they can innovate and really drive their own learning. 


Central to this approach to learning is resilience. Our  classrooms are therefore developed as resilient communities. Click here for further information.  


Each term our Learning Champions will run a learning day for children in lower school. This will help them to shape and facilitate the learning of others in a fun and meaningful way.



"Make a difference, have an impact, leave a legacy"
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