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Through implementing a purposeful approach to learning, we believe that our children leave a legacy for future learners and generations to come.  Our curriculum design is broad and balanced and progressively builds on skills, knowledge and conceptual understanding year on year. Our Teaching for Effective Learning Policy illustrates how we develop learning and learners across the school. The current Curriculum Framework can be found here


We take a cohesive and coherent approach towards the planning, sequencing and delivery of  learning in each subject. This ensures that children accumulate the knowledge and skills and have the ability to apply this to future learning. Each subject has been carefully designed to ensure that there is a clear and developmental approach to learning. This enables children to revisit and remember  the content and skills they have been taught, and have the fluency to link and apply this to new learning.


As teachers we ensure that we are facilitating children’s learning and use a '5 stepped' approach to learning. This enables the children to have a deeper understanding of the learning process and become pioneers of their own learning. Once key knowledge and skills have been acquired, they then have the fluency to use, apply and innovate. This takes their learning to a deeper level. In addition to this children's learning incorporates the school’s Learning to Learn skills: Learning together, Citizenship, Perseverance, Thinking, Reflection and Curiosity. These 6 skills are shaped by the school’s 6 key values. Alongside this, personal, social, and economic development form an integral part of children's learning. 


We have built a range of ways for teachers to evaluate the impact of their teaching on learning. These are used effectively to check understanding, identify and respond  to misconceptions and inform our practice and priorities, adapting teaching as needed.

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. Confidence and fluency in reading are prioritised in all year groups and we actively encourage  a love of reading. As a Junior School we ensure that we address any gaps in children’s phonics, reading  and communication skills from KS1, so that they are able to access the KS2 curriculum.


Teachers have good knowledge of the subjects they teach and are supported by each other’s  expertise. They have high expectations for their own knowledge and understanding and  ensure, particularly, that their own English and Maths supports children in obtaining these key  skills.


Our curriculum is fully inclusive and enables all children, including those with disabilities and SEN, to access the learning and achieve. 


As a GOLD Rights Respecting School, believe that our curriculum gives children real opportunities to develop key social skills, to understand the difference between right and wrong, to explore their own spirituality, show respect, celebrate difference and diversity and understand the values that underpin a democratic society.


Enterprise plays a key part in our curriculum with this being a focus for one project each academic year. This approach recognises the importance of developing children who are resilient, innovative and intellectually curious – all key characteristics of entrepreneurs. This allows our children to enhance their soft skills too,  often voiced as lacking by employers, and learn the value of contributing to support others on a local and global level.


As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic we ensure that we regularly allow time to reinforce and develop basic  skills, support children’s mental and physical wellbeing and provide an increased  range of interventions across the school.








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