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Attendance matters and every day counts! 

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Every day missed is lost learning  Lost minutes = lost learning 

Children can enter school from 8.35am. We would encourage you to drop your child off at this time. This gives them them time to enter school, settle and be ready for learning to begin the moment school starts. This early time also enables them to change their reading books, share any news or learning they might have with their class teachers etc before the learning day begins.

School begins promptly at 8:45 am. If your child arrives after this time they must report to the school office so we can mark them as present but late on the register. If your child has not arrived at school by 9:30, then a text/phone call will be made to establish why your child is not in school.  It may be that they have arrived late and NOT reported to the office but we still need to establish where they are. If you do not notify school of the absence the mark given will be unauthorised.

If your child has to attend a doctor’s/hospital appointment, the school needs to be notified in advance and any appointment cards/letters will need to be shown to evidence this.

We understand that there are sometimes circumstances in which your child cannot attend or may be late and in these situations we ask that you approach us to discuss.  We want to help your child to receive the very best out of their time at our school and excellent attendance and punctuality is key.


How do we promote good attendance in our school?

Trewirgie Junior School regularly promotes good attendance in school.  We discuss the importance of attendance in school with the children, in assemblies and lessons.

We give out attendance tickets for each half term a child achieves high attendance. These are entered into a raffle which takes place at the end of each full term where Amazon vouchers can be won. (If your child has a medical condition that impacts on their attendance please notify the school office who will put you in touch with the Designated teacher for Children with Medical Needs)

At the end of the school year children who have high attendance receive a certificate.

If you wish to discuss anything at all concerning your child's attendance/punctuality please contact the school office.  We are here to help.


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