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Children's Parliament

May 2022

This May three of our Year 6 children participated in a Children's Parliamentary debate. The children, all aged under 12, debated a variety of aspects of “How to make the world a Safer Place”. The child MP’s questions, and responses were both passionate and extremely well. They covered topics on the war in Ukraine, online safety, knife crime and the environment. We are very proud of our children's contribution to things of real importance to us all. To read all about the debate click here. 



Local wildlife

Following a term of learning about climate change and the impact that this is having on our local wildlife, our Year 3 children decided to do something about it. They have worked with a local artist to screen print their wildlife designs onto a bag, and then go out into the community to sell these. The proceeds they make will go to making a real difference to the Cornish Beaver Project, Prickles and Paws Hedgehog charity and the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek. Through their actions they will have made a difference, had an impact and hopefully left a legacy too.